Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Adore Me...

One thing I love about warm summer days is that I can run around at home, wearing only lingerie - without freezing... As I've just discovered a lingerie brand I hadn't seen before, I decided to do two moodboards based on two of their sets - one day look and one night look. The lingerie company is called Adore Me, and their collections come in many different styes and many different colors. A big plus is that everything is also very affordable!

For my day wear board I chose a mint-green set named Danielle, that will look great with just a little bit of soft makeup, some flowers in your hair and a pair of comfortable sandals.

And for my night wear tips I fell for a bra named Adore, which colors remind me of the Swedish summer nights, when it's not quite dark, but yet not that much light outside, and soft, white mist lies over the fields... For this outfit I chose to add some black lace and dark red nails and lips. Perfect for every femme fatale...

Below is a list with links for where to get everything you see in this post. Just click on the name on the store you want to visit, an off you go!

Adore Me

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  1. These are gorgeous doll, love them both and they are perfect for day and night!! Perfect colours as well. The night is very sultry...Love it <3 <3


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