Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The End... And A New Beginning!

I started this blog almost four and a half years ago, when I was still in too much pain to live a proper life. It gave me something to do, and through it I have learned a lot, and connected with people all over the world. Now it's been eleven years since I injured myself, and I feel I'm really coming back to life again now that the pain has disappeared so much I can actually go out in the world and DO stuff! This is amazing! But on the other hand I find it harder and harder to find time to write blog posts. So, with this - my 804th post - I have decided to stop blogging... At least over here at Miss Meadows' Pearls. I while ago I created a proper website where I have both my modelling portfolio and burlesque videos collected in one place. So, to still have somewhere to share pictures from photo shoots I do, and other projects, I have added a blog to my new site. This means I will post a lot more seldom than I have been doing here, but still have a place to share myself and what I love doing with anyone interested in following me.

To everyone who has been following this blog, or just popped in to read it now and then - THANK YOU!!! You're the reason I've been spending so much time searching for interesting things to write about, and then actually putting the posts together. I hope you'll follow me over to my new place!

Whenever I do a new post on my new blog, I will announce it on Instagram and Facebook, so if you join me there, you will know when there's something new to read.

I have already written my first post on my new blog, with photos from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. So, if you care to join me, follow the link below!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Face Lace

The founder of Face Lace - Phyllis Cohen - is a makeup artist famous for her intricate designs. She has done advertising campaigns for big companies such as Clinique, Revlon, Vichy and the Body Shop, and has become the favorite makeup artist for extravagant characters such as Annie Lennox, Steve Strange and David Bowie. Already during the 80s she started creating face appliqu├ęs out of latex, fabric, beads and rhinestones, which has been the inspiration for Face Lace. Face Lace are ready-to-wear makeup designs that will make it look like you've spent hours in front of the mirror, although they actually just take a minute to apply. A quick - and not expensive at all - way to change your look. I love these...

Bastet Mask

Day of the Dead-Espina

Lattice Eye Wings

Starway 2 Heaven

Crystallised Hipstar

Crystallised Burlesque

Va Va Tomb



For more designs, visit Face Lace's website here!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Swan Lake Hat

A friend of mine just decided to sell some clothes and accessories, and was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to buy a certain hat from her, before she sold it to someone else. When I saw it, I definitely felt this one needed to be added to my hat collection! And here is why...

Gorgeous, isn't is?... It's a half hat from the 1940s or 50s, covered in the softest white feathers, that has light-pink nuances in it.

As the label on the inside says, it originally comes from Modes Bettina in Vienna. I googled the name, but unfortunately I didn't find any info about it's origins.

It fits my small-sized head perfectly, and I feel I could definitely dance Swan Lake in it. Haha! Love my new hat...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Jewelry Friday!

Last week I showed you my new lace duster from Hellaholics (you can read about it here), which I found when searching for jewelry to post about. So, here are a few of the jewelry pieces from that same company - We Are The Hellaholics!

Raw Clear Quartz Crescent Earrings

Moon Quartz Necklace

Serpent Snake Necklace

Pentagram Ring Large

Black Onyx Crystal Ball Necklace

Black Magic Gold Tourmaline Ring

Scarab Ring

Starry Night Bullet Necklace

La Luna Headpiece

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Affordable Fall Coats

After a pretty bad summer, we're now having a beautiful fall here in Sweden. The leaves have just started changing color, and it's not until mid-October it has started to get really cold outside. A nice, warm fall coat will come in handy right now, so today I want to give you a few tips on affordable, yet stylish coats from ModCloth!

Tender Loving Carriage Ride Coat

City Lovin' Coat

Central Park Sashay Cape

The Importance of Being Onyx Coat

You Don't Know Jackson Coat in Plaid

Preferred Pairing Coat in Croissant

Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy

Fab at the Fundraiser Coat

Eccentric of the Eye Jacket

Symphonic State of Mind Cape

To get to ModCloth, follow this link, or click on the banner below!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dreamchaser Lace Duster

I just bought myself the perfect black lace duster! It's from Hellaholics - a Scandinavian brand and online store, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They find their inspiration in vintage treasures, starry nights, music, and generally fabulous chicks from all walks of life. They aim to create a collection of garments and jewelry that embodies fearlessness and fun, things that gives you that instant attitude, yet are easy to wear. And here is my new duster!

It's made of sheer black lace with embroidered details, and has cap sleeves. Although I'm just wearing lingerie underneath it here to show it off better, this is one of those pieces of clothing you can wear in so many ways! Throw it over any outfit to make it a bit more interesting. Use a belt and wear it as a dress. Or just over your lingerie while at home...or going grocery shopping. Haha!

It comes in sizes small, medium and large, and although I'm usually an extra small, the small one fitted me perfectly! It's called the Dreamchaser Lace Duster, and you find it here!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Sugar Lace Lingerie

Everyone who likes shopping on Etsy knows that you can get stuck there forever. Searching for different items, and just finding more and more stuff to add to your shopping list. Well, here's another Etsy shop to add to that list! It's called Sugar Lace Lingerie and is owned by Adrianna Tenoiro, who creates beautiful, very feminine lingerie! Everything is handmade, often comes in several different colors, and has a very sweet vintage look. Here are a few of the items in her shop. The rest you find here!

Pom Pom Bloomers

Dark Ballerina Set

Ruffled Panty

Robin's Egg Blue Babydoll

Black/Ivory Garter Belt Tutu

Silk French Knickers

Satin Floral Sleep Mask with Baby Pin Trim

Hyper Smash