Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Arabian Nights

Last fall, when I performed at Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award in Rome, a camera crew from Fizioni Entertainment was there to film everything in 4K. As a thank you for letting them shoot this project, all performers got a video from their respective acts. They had three cameras, and filmed each act two times - first during the rehearsal, and then during the show - which resulted in videos shot with six cameras from all angles. It's so nice to get professionally shot videos of performances, and as I received mine yesterday, here it is! I did my act Arabian Nights, and I think that was a very appropriate choice, since I use an aladdin lamp filled with glitter in that number, and an aladdin lamp is exactly what Fizioni Entertainment use as their logo! Haha!


  1. Such a marvellous routine doll, you looked amazing!! I loved it. I hope one day I can be in the audience to watch you live :))) Have a gorgeous day <3 xxx


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