Monday, March 30, 2015

New Work Uniform

As I've written before I'm now working for Mrs Murphy, as one of her five Special Agents of Fabulousness. To be able to look our best when representing Mrs M's company, we now have matching work uniforms! We have been sponsored by retro clothing company Pinup Girl Clothing with red Monica dresses, and with shoes from Deichmann. Even though we have been sponsored with these outfits, my opinions about them are completely my own though. But only good...

The Monica dress is probably the best repro 50s dress ever designed! When it hangs on a hanger, it looks a bit like a limp curtain, and you might wonder how anyone would ever fit into it. But that's the thing about this dress - it is seriously like a body-condom! As you step into it you have to wiggle and jiggle for a while to get it up over your hips, but it is really stretchy, and once you've pulled it all the way up, it will fit probably any body type like a glove!

Check it out! Mrs M calls this dress the instant bombshell dress, and as soon as I put it on I felt so good! I'm a skinny girl, but even I get some curves in this dress! The Monica comes in several different colors and sizes, and if you want to invest in one dress that will make you feel like the belle of the ball, I can really recommend this one! The only problem is now I feel like I really need one in each color...

The Deichmann high heels that finishes off this sassy work outfit are of black lace with an open toe, and will look good with pretty much any outfit. The good thing about Deichmann is that you can find very nice shoes at a very good price there. Before I started working for Mrs M and got sponsored with their shoes, I had bough several pairs from them that i love! Wearing new shoes while vacuuming is the perfect way to break them in. So I guess now I have a good reason to clear away some dust... After dressing up and taking these pictures Mrs M sent me out on a fabulous mission. But more about that on Wednesday...

A BIG thank you to Pinup Girl Clothing and Deichmann for helping us Agents get proper work uniforms!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fabergé Friday

To glam this Friday up, I - of course - have a new Fabergé object for you! This time it's an egg-shaped cup, made by workmaster Erik Kollin, sometime between 1896-1901.

This egg-shaped cup was made to be given as a traditional gift on Easter morning. It's made of rock crystal, standing on a foot of gold. On top of the lid sits a finial of moonstone, caved out in the form of Minerva's head. The finial is also decorated with a band of rose-cut diamonds and cabochon rubies. The foot is enameled with the letters X.B for Christoss Voskress - Christ is risen. The size of the cup is 4.4'' x 1.8'' (11.1 x 4.5 cm), and it was probably acquired by Queen Alexandra. Since 1953 it has been part of the Royal Collection

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

La Lilouche

In 2009, after designing successful collections for the UK high street market for a few years, designer Liya Amar decided to start her own lingerie brand - La Lilouche - inspired by flirtatious boudoirs, seduction, refined elegance and high fashion. The pieces are all made of fine materials, such as 100% silk, power nets, satin and Chantilly lace, and decorated with ribbons, Swarovski crystals and bows. All collections are limited editions though, so you have to get them while they last! Here are some favorite picks of mine...

Sienna silver peony silk chiffon kaftan.

Sophia black silk kimono.

Veronika black faux leather Grecian tulle bra.

Cher retro rouge red silk suspender high waist panties, and Cher rouge red silk satin quarter cup padded bra.

Rosie black tulle net boudoir ruffled cape.

Maxine black silk satin and fishnet corset suspender high brief.

Goldie silk chiffon Grecian long gown.

You find La Lilouche's shop on Etsy here!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fashion Inspiration - Gilbert Adrian

During the 30s and 40s Gilbert Adrian (1903-1959) was the biggest costume designer in the US world of movies. During his career he designed costumes for over 250 films, and worked with many beautiful Hollywood stars, such as Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Katharine Hepburn and Joan Crawford. He was most famous for the evening gowns he created for the actresses, and below you see a small assortment of his many timeless designs.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

From The Great Ziegfeld.

Joan Crawford

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fabergé Friday

Small boxes are good to have for all those little trinkets that seems to amass everywhere. So, here is another one from Fabergé! It was made by workmaster Mikhail Perkhin, sometime between 1896 and 1903.

The fan-shaped box is made of bloodstone, with a lid is of alternate tooled gold and pink guilloché enamel stripes. Around the edge runs a line of brilliant diamonds, and diamonds also encircle the cabochon moonstone pushpiece. The hinge, shaped as the handle of the fan, is made of gold and set with two pearls. The measurements of the box is 0.8'' x 2.2'' x 1.5'' (2 x 5.5 x 3.9 cm). and since 1953 it has been part of the Royal Collection.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Edge o'Beyond Jewelry

London-based luxury lingerie and jewelry brand Edge o'Beyond creates handmade, high quality pieces in a big range of sizes. Small gold plated rings are sewn into each lingerie set, where you can attach their handcrafted jewelry to customize your own bras and panties. These 18k gold plated body chains have that good mix of class and sexiness that I love, and gives you another good reason to show off your underpinnings!










For more of Edge o'Beyond, you find their website here!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Early Drag Queens

It's a very sad fact that even today non-heterosexual people have to live in fear, behind closed doors, all around the world. That to not be what so many considers "normal" is bad and wrong... I guess we can only pray to the LGBTQ-God that one day everyone will be accepted for who and what they are... But through the ages, brave people who aren't afraid to be who they are have always existed, and today I want to show you a few photos of some of the brave transvestites and drag queens of the past - from times when these men took even bigger risks than today showing their true identities. Cheers to them!




Pictured above is Brigham Morris Young, who in the 1800s made a career in drag, performing as Madam Pattrini.


Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton were the first men who openly dared to walk the streets in women's clothing. This was very shocking in Victorian London, and made the police launch investigations that were normally reserved for extreme criminals.


As it took a long time before it was respectable for women to have a career as an actress, men in women's clothes have been playing the female roles for centuries. So on stage, it was perfectly acceptable for men to perform in drag.

Ca 1915

Around the turn of the century drag performances became a category of it's own. Above we see vaudeville performer Julian Eltinge.


During the 1920 drag balls became popular. These were huge LBGT parties, where most men dressed as women.

Noted drag queen Harry S. Franklyn. 1920s.

Vaudevillian sensation Vander Clyde aka Barbette. 1920s.

Female impersonator Billy Richards. 1937.

Jerry Vaughn, 1947.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fabergé Friday

Today's Fabergé object is a pair of rare cufflinks. They were made by workmaster August Hollming, in 1911!

The cufflinks are shaped like teardrops, and their surfaces are layered with matte finish platinum-silver alloy. They are set with cabochon chrysoprase gems, from which leads a band of rose-cut diamonds. The length of the cufflinks is 3/4'' (1.9 cm), and in 1911 they were bought by Mrs Claude Watney for £14. When they were sold at a Sotheby's auction not long ago, they went for £32,450...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fraulein Frauke Presents - The Seven Seas

Last Saturday another fabulous Fräulein Frauke Presents took place at Nalen. The theme of this big burlesque event this time was The Seven Seas. 

As I didn't have the time or the strength to put together a theme-fitting costume, I just threw on a green, one shoulder dress from Bettie Page Clothing, and a hair decoration I've made myself. When I arrived Nalen was full of sailors, pirates, mermaids, and other creatures of the sea. Watching the audience at these events is a show in itself, but of course there was a show going on up on the stage too. The performers were:

And the lovely conférencière Dusty Limits!

There was also people singing, and bands and DJs playing all through the night, and I just love this picture photographer John-Paul Bichard took backstage of Louise De Ville while she was getting ready for her second act! And here are a few of the good-looking guests: 

To see all the photos from the evening, follow this link! Next Fräulein Frauke Presents will take place May 9, and then the theme will be Moulin Rouge/Paris. To get updates about these events, you can sign up to Fräulein Frauke's newsletter here.

Photos (except the top one) by John-Paul Bichard.

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