Sunday, July 31, 2011



Friday evening me and my sister Christine were to meet up with Fanny and Michael at Medborgarplatsen. I decided to do victory rolls in my hair, and for this do I created my own rats some time ago. I did it the old fashioned way, by saving my own hair that got stuck in my brush, cleaning it thoroughly, and then - after a long time of hair saving - putting my collection in two hair nets. Having something to roll your hair up on when you do victory rolls is so much easier than only using your own hair, especially if you have long hair like me.


Victory rolls

In a dress from Voom me and sis then headed out.

Fanny looked gorgeous (as always) in a dark plum colored vintage dress from the 70s.

After sitting at Kvarnen, drinking wine and playing with Michael's iPad for a while, we went to Nada where we drank Margaritas and arm wrestled.

Michael vs Christine
Me vs Fanny. Look at those biceps!!!

After that we headed to Vampire Lounge where everyone went ghetto, I almost got hired as a go go dancer...

...and I'm just gonna let the picture speak for itself...


Since we were blessed with good summer whether even this day, sister and I took a box of white wine and a blanket and went to R√•lambshovsparken to chill. I wore a dress I bought from Tifa DeLeone on the first burlesque flea market that was held in Stockholm a few months ago. It has some stretch in the fabric, so it's really comfortable. The 50s style sunglasses are from HoM. I felt so cool in these shades I even wore them down in the subway. But when we went into a grocery store a had to take them off. Otherwise I would have felt like a celebrity who wants to get recognized and because of that wears sunglasses inside to pretend they don't want to get recognized but know they will because it's not normal to wear sunglasses inside and so everyone will look and then recognize the person who pretends to not want to be recognized and so has accomplished what he/she wanted...

On our way to the park we stopped and bought some chicken satay. It came with a very delicious peanut sauce. Yummy!

Sister tried on my red lipstick for the first time. I think she looked gorgeous!

We spent the whole evening there, philosophying underneath a tree.

When it got darker we watched the stars slowly come out of their black hiding. Felt like a long time since I had seen them, because of the light swedish summer nights, so it was a lovely sight. Then we ran out of wine and it got colder, so we packed up and went home...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Country Girl

I have just come home from spending a few days in the country for the next photo shoot in my sisters fairy tale series, where Snow White was the first. This time it was Sleeping Beauty's turn. I have visited this lovely place every summer since I was born. It lies one and a half hours north of Stockholm and is the place where my mother and her sister grew up. Later when their parents built a more modern home in the 60s - just e few meters from the cottages - my mother and her family got one cottage (to the left in the picture), and her sister's family the other one (to the right).

Here's another picture of my family's place. Both houses are from the end of the 18th century or the beginning of the 19th century. There's only cold water in the taps, so if we want warm water we have to heat it up.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And when that happens this is where you go! 

Inside is a bench with two holes beside each other. Very romantic. Me and my sister have had a lot of good times in here. But you better make sure there is enough toilet paper before you sit down, because this little house is a bit separated from the rest of the buildings, so out here no one can hear you scream!

The refrigerator in my ant's house is from the 60s. Still working! I love these refrigerators with rounded corners!

My cousin Daniel was also there with his, wife, little daughter, and two big cats. Don't let the picture fool you, he's actually one of the sweetest, funnest persons I've ever met!

That's me behind the werewolf. Loke is his name.

For the Sleeping Beauty shoot, me and the photographer - a k a my sister Christine - rearranged a few things up on the old, dusty attic of my ant's cottage. Earlier we had found an old chaise lounge and a spinning wheel up there we wanted to use. 

The sad thing with the chaise lounge is that it's completely broken on the inside, so it can't be used anymore. Having the whole thing redone would probably cost more than buying another one. I really want one of those!

Appart from the photo shoot, we did exactly what you should do out in the country - we ate ice cream, played cards, read, did crossword puzzles and swam in the sea. The water was a bit too cold to be enjoyable though. But if you just go straight into it (screaming) and then swim as fast as you can until you get warm it's ok. The result of the photo shoot will be shown later, when my sister deigns to send me the pictures. Now I'm going to go see if there's anything to be done about the grass stains on my feet...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Men SHOULD Wear!

As a follow up on my last post "What Men Should NOT Wear", I will here show you a few examples of what men should wear. But don't take it too seriously, and burn everything in you closets that doesn't happen to look like what the people in the pictures below are wearing. Don't take it as rules. See it more like guidelines...

                                              Jude Law and Tom Ford

For a day in the car.

Bring out the Michael Jackson in you. 

Don't be afraid of hats boys! They won't eat your brains. If you have one, use it! Here a good old fedora.

Someone known for wearing fedoras - Justin Timberlake.

I have to say I have a bit of a week spot for the 40s gangster style. Here shown by Johnny Depp in the movie "Public Enemies". Hat!!!

Oops...I have no idea where that picture came from! Peter Steele rest in peace...

Here comes Johnny.

Yummy! Emile Hirsch in cool leather jacket.

Jack White in black. Black always works - as long as the clothes you're wearing has the right fit!...Do I have to mention he's wearing a HAT?!!!!

And don't forget - jeans and a T-shirt always looks good! But please make sure you're wearing the right size! Here shown by Marlon Brando. With that look in your eyes you don't really need to wear anything else though...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Men Should NOT Wear!

In my attempts to make this world a better place for girls - and gay men - I will here give you a few examples of what men really should stay away from when it comes to clothing!


Jesus Christ...

The girls are no better.


Boyz II Men. Cute...Barf!!!

Oh, for heaven's sake!!!

Seriously, I can't look at this one for too long...

Who let Big Bird out?

Who...ehm...didn't let Big Bird out?

If you want to borrow your girlfriend's dress, at least ask her to style it for you too!


No comments...

Why? Whyyyyyy?!!!

Again - why?

Ok, I can't do this anymore. I don't feel so good...

Friday, July 22, 2011


Last Wednesday two ladies - Elin and Mie - came to visit me. Elin had received a whole bag of vintage dresses from her grandmother, and now needed my help to take them in and make them fit her better. I'm no trained seamstress, almost everything I know about sewing I have simply learned by sewing, so the thought of sewing for other people than myself usually feels i bit scary. But I felt it was time to face my fears about that, and agreed to help...Ok. I really wanted an opportunity to see and examine the dresses too...

Old clothes usually have some lose threads here and there that needs to be fastened. So with all of that, some hand sewing, trying on and needling, sewing on the machine, and then trying on again, this takes longer than you might think. In the end, I had only managed to fix two of the dresses. But some of the rest already fit Elin pretty well, and I gave her some tips about how she could change them herself. Though when she started talking about that she wanted to rip some sleeves out and remove collars, I punched her in the face!...Ok. Now I'm lying again. I didn't do that. But vintage dresses that are in really good condition should not be subjected to such atrocities! So if she wants to go ahead with those plans, she should do it far away from me!

Most dresses she brought were from the sixties, and here are some pictures of the two I took in for her.

Love the colors in this one! It's difficult to se in this picture, but at the sides it has two folds that are attached with a few stitches at the middle of the front waist line.

This one has a square neckline with a little collar, folded up cuffs, pockets with pleats in the front, and "fake" buttons op the back. These are just there for decoration, on the inside are snap fasteners.

For my help I was given one of the dresses that was a little too small for Elin (they brought chocolate chip cookies too!). To me it looks to have been made in the 30s. The fabric is like fish net, with inlays in different colors, and it closes with hooks and eyes in the back. Except for the obvious holes in the fabric, there were a few extra holes, especially along the closing in the back, that shouldn't really be there. Sewing didn't feel like such a good option, so I simply brought out my textile glue and glued it together. I'm not sure if I should keep the purple trimming at the hem or if I should change it for something else though. I like the crazy color combinations, but the purple hem is in a not so very good condition and makes the whole dress look trashier than it really is. It fit me like a glove though! In the pictures below I'm wearing it with only nude colored underwear. If I'm going to bring it out in public I will get a skin colored - preferably floor length - slip to wear underneath though.

Close up of the fabric.

Hyper Smash