Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saints Of Los Angeles Part 1

For me it feels like this cold, grey, slushy time between New Years and spring is just a long wait for warmer weather and flowers starting sticking up from the ground. So I felt this would be the perfect time to share some of my own holiday pictures from 2010, when me and my sister Christine went to Los Angeles! Since I hadn't started this blog at that time I haven't written about it yet, but this whole trip was a really big thing for me, because it was the first time I was able to leave Sweden after my broken-dancer-chronic-pain-in-hell-years! We actually flew there on the day I turned 30, so because of the time change, I turned 30 three times! So, here we go!

The first day we spent in Santa Monica, on the famous pier, and then just strolling around on the beach walk. The blue dress is from the 80s and used to belong to my mom. It's perfect for hot summer days!

In the subway heading towards Hollywood!

My gluten intolerant sister probably managed to eat some gluten, started feeling bad, and fell asleep outside the Chinese Theatre. I sat beside her, watching all the tourists watching us...

...and realizes Johnny Depp has bigger feet than me...

My favorite day in LA was when we went to Universal Studios!

Entering "House of Horrors". Why are those two men following me?!!!

Inside this scary place I met...

...Count Dracula!!!

Outside Marilyn Monroe did a little show number. I want that car!!!

We were also attacked by Norman Bates. But with a well aimed kick form one of my pretty shoes the danger was averted! Kind of...

Yummy mummy!!!

After that meeting I needed some cool lemonade...

While I rode off into the sunset with my mummy, my sister chose someone with a bigger moustache...

If you're bored with my holiday photos you might not want to read this blog tomorrow, cause that will be the second part of this post!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bukowskis Instagramed!

As I told you in this post before I'm working as a stylist for Bukowskis right now, in preparation for their Vintage and Jewelry auction, that will take place on March 12th! I get to see, and work with, a lot of goodies at this place, so I've instagramed quite a few things during the week I've spent there. The ones of you following me on Instagram or Twitter (MissC_Meadows) might already have seen these photos, but for the ones of you that hasn't, here they come!

Hermès tie with little teddy bears!

Close up of one of the chandeliers for sale.

A Hermès Kelly bag!!! If you buy a completely new one of these bags you'll have to pay around 17,000-19,000 USD! (Over 100,000 SEK)! At the upcoming auction it might me sold for about one third of that price, so if you want it, March 12th is the day to shop! And yes, you can bid from other countries than Sweden too!

Guess who's coffee cup!

This is a big, heavy Louis Vuitton travel case from the turn of the 19th/20th century.

Here is photographer Fabulous Fabio fixing the f...f...f***k! There ended that lovely alliteration! Anyway. This is the the same travel case as in the picture above, but now open. Pretty ain't it?!

Here is another Louis Vuitton travel case, from the same era as the one above. This one is empty inside though. I felt a bit tired and tried to hide for a moment, but Fabio always finds me with that camera of his...

One of the days happened to be the official "Semla-day", so we all got creamy buns to devour!

A dress by Swedish designer Lars Wallin.

Close up! 

One day four of these "Liberace" couches arrived. A matching armchair and four mirrors also exist!

Close up of the "diamonds" in the backrest. These won't be sold at the auction, but you can still buy them at Bukowskis Market!

Another Market item - a banana penis made out of one dollar bills! It sparkles a bit too, and was made by Barton Lidice in 1986.

Here's Jenny, another photographer I'm styling for. In this picture she's wearing matching tennis shoes and bag from Chanel. 

Close up!

This I call "Gucci Still life"!

Here's me in my super heroine outfit - Louis Vuitton helmet and Chanel clips as pasties! The fishing rod is only there because of the string used for secret reasons...

In this photo I'm trying on a little necklace consisting of 630 brilliant-cut diamonds!!! All in all 11,0 ct!!! The reason I look a bitt "dull" in the picture is because I was in a state of chock...My pain-demon was bothering me a bit this day, but the diamonds made the pain so much better!

Then all by a sudden I noticed I had acquired a green Louis Vuitton tail...Ok. It was attached to the bag on my shoulder. But when carried like this the tail ends up in the right position...

On Thursday and Friday I will help styling the showroom before the auction. People who are interested in the objects for sale can then come look at it all from March 8th to March 11th, before the actual auction on March 12th! This Wednesday the catalog should also be ready for viewing!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Christian Louboutin Capsule Collection

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand "Christian Louboutin", a special collection - the "Capsule Collection" - has been designed! The collection consists of twenty shoes and six handbags - all reinterpretations of classic Louboutin styles. Here follows my favorites from the collection!


The Bow Bow

The Armadillo Bride

The Pluminette

The Icone A Clous

The Alta Dentelle

The Neuron



Artemis Plumes

Artemis Shoemania

Artemis Paris

I've heard the expression "To carry the world on one's shoulders", and with this last bag you can at least start by carrying Paris on your shoulder! I love how these bags would become so much a part of the whole outfit when carried! 

The rest of the collection can be seen on the Christian Louboutin Facebook page!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabergé Friday

Imperial Easter Egg number twenty two is the "Cuckoo Egg", or "Cockerel Egg" from 1900!

This egg is made of dull yellow, green and red gold, and enameled opalescent white and translucent violet on a zigzag guilloche field, and set with pearls and rose-cut diamonds. The pearl-encirceled dial is enameled with translucent emerald green trefoils, and the numerals, written out with rose-cut diamonds, are set on pale greenish white opalescent enamel within opaque white enamel rings. 

The base is set with three large rose-cut diamonds, and supports the egg with three struts, enameled opalescent white.

When a button on the back of the egg is pressed the surprise - a cockerel plumed with natural feathers, cabochon ruby eyes, and gold legs - rises, crowing, on a gold platform when the circular pierced gold grill opens at the top of the egg. It's beak and wings move authentically, and when the crowing stops, the cockerel once again returns down into the egg. This happens at the stroke of every hour! On top of the grille the year 1900 is inscribed beneath a diamond.

With every year Fabergé's techniques got better and better, and some of the world's best examples of handcrafted automata are hidden inside these Imperial Easter Eggs!

The "Cuckoo Egg" can now be seen in Viktor Vekselberg's collection in Moscow. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny Vintage Photos

It's not that often you see vintage photos - especially really old ones - that have been taken just for the sake of humor. I found some on the "Daily Dawdle" though, and here they come!

My favorite is probably the soldier with the black kitten on his helmet. For some reason I really like the child with a cigaret, sitting beside that hen too. It's just disturbing how comfortable that little child seems to be with the cigaret...And then there's the last pin up picture of course. Sexy panties...

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