Friday, September 30, 2011

Fräulein Frauke Presents: Dark Fairytale

Last Saturday the lovely burlesque dancer Fräulein Frauke presented one of her events, this time named "Dark Fairytale", at Nalen in Stockholm. The guests arrived dressed up as fairytale characters, or simply "dressed up". I wore a wiggle dress from "Bettie Page Clothing". Here shown in very dramatic lighting...

When I went to the bar to get a glass of bubbles, Karin was standing there in a gorgeous LBD and three red shoes - two on her feet, and one on her head. Both the dress and the Schiaparelli inspired shoe-hat she had made herself!

The burlesque performances were bound together by a little fairy tale, read by the eminent photographer John Paul Bichard. Here he is, striking a very dramatic pose. For the evening dressed in medieval (smelly) clothes.

When we arrived Fräulein Frauke greeted us as a a very sexy Cinderella. She had - obviously - lost one of her shoes. 

I don't know if anyone managed to find it, but I don't think it really matter, because for the burlesque show she magically turned into Snow White. 

Before Snow White got a bit hot in the stage light, and decided to take her clothes off, she sang a beautiful song. After taking a bite of that horrible apple we've all heard stories about, she then collapsed on the floor - with no chance of ever waking up again! This story was a bit different...

Fräulein Frauke makes her own pasties. Tonight she wore sparkling apples. After the show I had to take a closer look at these shimmering marvels. It's probably the first time I have deliberately stared at another woman's breasts. I want pasties like that too...

Other performers taking the stage were Swedish Siren...

...Dixie Belle, from The Amazing Knicker Kittens...

...Song bird Curly Lou, who bound the show together as Prince Charming...

...And last, but certainly not least, Herr Strigel, who made his debut as a boylesque dancer! After his performance I can now proudly say I am one of a few chosen who has seen Dracula himself strip! And, yes, he's wearing a double penis prosthetic in the bottom picture...

After a fairy tale-like evening I then ventured out into the Swedish night for more adventures. The morning after I went up early for a snoot shoot day with my sister. But that's another story. Here's some more pics. 

All photos (except for the three top ones) by John Paul Bichard:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stockholm Vintage Fair

Last weekend Stockholm Vintage Fair took place for the eighth time. As usual there were lots of people walking around between sellers from many different vintage shops, looking for treasures.

Amongst the shops represented, Kellerman Vintage and Fjaerilen were, of course, my favorites. Fanny's sister Agnes helped selling stuff for Kelleman Vintage. Here she is looking very cute in a dress made by Fanny.

I bought a hat from her, made by Magdalena Kellerman. It has dark pink flowers, a black fluffy feather, and the taxidermied hed of a mink on it.

At another shop I found a lovely green vintage 50s hat, and a scarf that matched it perfectly! The hat slopes down over the back of the head, and has two hat brooches attacked to it. The color looks a bit strange in the pictures. But in reality the satin back part of the hat is a lovely forest green.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday's school outfit

I've spent a few days at my sisters place, for some photo shoots, parties, good food, and - of course - my Monday PR course. For class this week I wore a vintage dress, probably from the 60s, I bought at Sivletto.

The necklace was a birthday present from my sister. It comes from Hultquist.

And then we have Seved - the very authentic raven...

My sister bought him as props for the "Sleeping Beauty" shoot, where he sat in the window in the background. Now all he does is fly around her apartment, leaving white droppings and black feathers everywhere... 

Pictures from the photo shoots and other things that happened during the weekend will be blogged about later!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko. Part 2

In my last post I told you about the lovely Ulyana Sergeenko, and showed you her new clothing collection. But now it's time to look at some of her photography!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko. Part 1

Unfortunately I'm not bisexual. There are so many pretty girls out there. They just don't really do it for me. So far the only one I could imagine making an exception for though, is Dita von Teese...Well...And maybe Angelina Jolie. But now I have found one more woman I have a girl crush on - Ulyana Sergeenko. She is a Russian photographer, who just released her first clothing collection for fall/winter 2011. The thing with this woman isn't just that she has talent for what she works with - she is strikingly beautiful too, and has her own style where she mixes high fashion - usually vintage looking - with pieces that shows her Russian heritage.


Doesn't she look like a Russian fashion princess?! And here comes a few pictures from her fall/winter 2011 collection. The whole collection can be seen here.

Need I say I want it all!!!! It's only sells in Russia right now, but hopefully it will spread to the the rest of the world (especially to Sweden...) too. In my next post I'll show you some of her photography...

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