Monday, May 04, 2015

30s Shoot And Tipsy Models...

Usually when I do shoots I'm the only model on set, but a couple of weeks ago we were three in front of the camera! My co-models were Lenore Caine and Emma Green, and our photographer was Miss Kryseis

The theme of the shoot was "picnic in the 1930s", so I put on my 30s-inspired dress from Stop Staring.

Then we headed out to our location - the romantic Eco Temple in the Royal Haga Park. It was a lovely, sunny day, with spring warmth in the air.

Photo: Miss Kryseis

Miss Kryseis' idea of a picnic in the 30s was girls sitting on a blanket playing cards while smoking and drinking, so she had brought the best photo prop ever - Marquis de Sade Champagne! Lenore opened the bottle like a boss, without hitting anyone with the cork!

Photo: Lenore Caine

I have never gotten tipsy during a shoot before, but this is how happy we were after finishing both the shoot and the bottle. This is how being a model should always be! Haha!

Here is a behind the scenes pic, when we were fooling around. This is what happens when you give the models champagne... On Wednesday I'll show you how the proper photos turned out!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Fabergé Friday

One thing I really think should come back into fashion is the hand fan! They're beautiful, practical, and romantic... Here is one from Fabergé. Made by workmaster Henrik Wigström.

The beautifully painted fan has a leaf of plain weave silk, backed with silk gauze. The 8.5'' (21.6 cm) front guardstick is made of mother-of-pearl, covered in white and blue enamel over a guilloché ground, and decorated with two-colored gold and two Burmese cabochon rubies. The back guard and the rest of the sticks are also of mother-of-pearl.

The fan still has it's original birchwood box, and it was purchased by Queen Alexandra in 1912 as a Christmas present for her daughter-in-law, Queen Mary. Now it has it's place in the Royal Collection.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Steven Khalil Couture

Steven Khalil is recognized as one of Australia's leading designers specializing in red carpet and bridal gowns. In his beautiful designs he combines classical elements from past eras with contemporary styles. At just 22 years old he was appointed Head Designer, and in 2003 he started his own fashion house in Sydney. Here are a few of his lovely couture creations.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shoe Bakery

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a pair of really delicious shoes on Kizzy's blog The Dainty Dolls House. I decided to look into this a bit more, and found something called the Shoe Bakery. This is a shoe brand created through Chris Campbell's love for shoes and sweets. Putting these two together gives you shoes that look like desserts! I literally want to EAT these shoes!!! All products from Shoe Bakery are hand made, and they also create custom one of a kind designs to fit each customer's needs. If you see a pair of their shoes that doesn't exist in the web shop anymore, they can also make you a copy of the pair you're drooling over. And drool you will...

Limited Victorian Cake Heals, Navy

White Sprinkle Flat

Cotton Candy Mary Jane Pumps

Pink Cake Wedges

Mary Jane Red Velvet Heels

Triple Chocolate Heels

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Heels

Mint Ice Cream Heels

All photos courtesy of Shoe Bakery.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fabergé Friday

Today's Fabergé object - an Imperial Presentation cigarette case! Made by workmaster August Hollming, sometime between 1899-1908.

The case is enameled translucent red over a sunburst engine-turned ground. The ends are wrapped with chased gold laurel bands, and the thumb-piece is set with rose-cut diamonds. In the middle of the lid sits an Imperial eagle of rose-cut diamonds. The length of the case is 3 1/2'' (9 cm), and according to the ledgers of the Imperial cabinet it accompanied Tsar Nicholas II on three different voyages...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Workout - 1940s Style...

My good friend Vanessa friend of mine shared a video with me on Facebook, with workout equipment for women in the 1940s. With today's eyes this is hilarious, but I guess it was serious stuff back in the day. Vanessa also wrote a very insightful comment to the video: ...those women look much better than the current ones! We should give up on stressful exercises and try to bring these machines back in trend. Much easier and shows great results!! To not mention its possible to do the gym in high heels. Haha! Need to go to the nearest gym shop and ask if they have any of these in stock...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Zhang Jingna

New York based photographer Zhang Jingna discovered the beauty of photography as a medium of expression during her time at art school. In 2007 she was named Master Photography of the Year by Master Photographers Association, and in 2011 Photographer of the Year at the ELLE awards in Singapore. Her work has been published in several magazines, and been part of many exhibitions. The photos in her Motherland Chronicles series has a mysterious, dreamlike quality to them. Some could even be mistaken for paintings. Here is a small assortment of the beauty created by Zhang Jingna. For more, visit her web site here!

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