Monday, December 15, 2014

Hamish Blakely

Artist Hamish Blakely counts Caravaggio, Degas, and Velázquez as a few of the painters he is inspired by. And for anyone who has studied art, you can see similarities between these old painters and the work of Blakely. But he doesn't copy his inspirers. He takes a bit here and there, mix it on his palette, and creates his very own style on the canvas. He says that "Each bare canvas brings enough self doubt and nerves to keep me on my toes every time. I splodge the paint and hope that I win the battle as sometimes the brushes and paint have their own peculiar ideas about how things should look.". Well, I think his "splodges" turn out wonderfully in the end. Here is some of his work. For more, please visit his web site here!

Venus Disrobes

Autumn Glow

The Rehearsal


The Swan


Into The Night

Three Graces

Old Fashioned Girls



A Face In The Crowd

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  1. These are the mood and atmosphere they cast as well...amazing work!!! Happy week to you doll <3 <3 <3 <3


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