Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frans Von Stuck

German symbolist/Art Nouveau painter, sculptor, engraver and architect Frans Von Stuck (February 24, 1863 - August 30, 1928) was noted for his erotic and comic treatment of mythological themes. After studies at different art schools his career went straight upwards. He won several prizes for his oevres and became an honorary member of several European academies. Here are some of his paintings, most often filled with dangerous femme fatales, mythological and symbolic themes. But he also produced a few early landscapes, and many portraits.

The Guardian of Paradise/Angel with Flaming Sword, 1889.

The Sphinx (V.2), c. 1889.

Sensuality/Eve and the Snake, 1891.

The Sin, 1893.

The Kiss of the Sphinx, 1895.

Dancers, 1896.

Portrait of Frau Feez, 1900.

Susanna Bathing, 1904.

Wounded Amazon, 1904-05.

Salome, 1906.

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  1. He's a favourite of mine...I love the moodiness of the paintings, there is always light but yet a dark aspect to them that I get drawn too, plus the eyes of his subjects always look as though their following you or could glow in the dark, haha!! Amazing!! Happy day doll <3 <3


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