Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maria Nilsdotter Jewelry

Swedish jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter creates pieces inspired by a mysterious and dark fantasy world, often drawn from folk tales and mythology. The design is characterized by symbolic figures, unexpected twists and thought provoking contrasts... After graduating from renowned arts college Central Saint Martins in 2007 Maria started her brand right away, creating all her jewelry by herself. Since then her business has grown as demand for her pieces increased. In 2012 Maria was awarded the prestigious Guldknappen Accessoar for accessory designer of the year by Swedish magazine Damernas Värld, and today her jewelry is made by skilled craftsmen in Sweden and England, and is being sold by shops in several different countries, with her flagship store in Stockholm.

If you want to stand out in a crowd by wearing eye catching jewelry, Maria Nilsdotter's designs will certainly make people notice you! As usual, I have picked some of my personal favorites to show you, but to see it all, please visit Maria Nilsdotter's web site here!

Moon Earring

Spider Diamond Earring

Spider+Fly Chain Earring

Weird Necklace

Rose Thorn Neckpiece

Raven Ruby Ring

Jaw Stone Ring

Bat Ring

Jaw Cuff

Feather Tiara

Pearl Dagger Headpiece


  1. These are perfect, I love all your favourites, I would definitely pick any or all of these ;- D Haha! Have a sweet day doll xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow! Those pieces look beautiful! I guess I'm getting fascinated by the dark world jewellery!

    1. Hello, and thank you for your comment on my blog! :) I really like the dark world jewelry too! But at the same time I also love the classic, stylish sort of pieces you sell over at your website. They're beautiful! :) xox


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