Monday, September 22, 2014

Comfortable In My Birthday Suit

Going from being the smart nerd without friends in school, to daring to do what I do today - burlesque, modeling, going to auditions (and getting the parts!) etc - is something I have to say I feel proud of myself for doing! These things have really built up my confidence and made me feel comfortable in my own skin, even when I'm completely naked for everyone to see. Just after my very first nude shoot I felt very empowered, and not objectified at all! And with the right photographer behind the camera, I think art nudes can be extremely beautiful and interesting to look at. One of these photographers who has the ability to make nude models look really good is FG Photography. You've seen some pics he's taken of me here before (you can see them again here), and here comes two more! The gorgeous girl with me in the bottom pic is Midnight Maitresse...

Photo: FG Photography


  1. You look stunning doll, really beautiful pictures & I agree, doing a nude done tastefully safely with the right photographer is a wonderful way to feel empowered and appreciate one's body. I had the same school experience...but we are making up for it now my dear ;-) xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you honey! :) I love working with this photographer! xox


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