Friday, September 26, 2014

Fabergé Friday

Today's Fabergé object is something that will help you see more clearly - a magnifying glass! It was made by workmaster Mikhail Perkhin, sometime between 1896 and 1903!

The square lens of the magnifying glass is held in a gold frame, covered in blue guilloché enamel decorated with gold neo-classical ornaments. The handle is carved out of chalcedony and set with a blue enamel band. A gold laurel wreath, topped by the Russian imperial crown, holding a gold rouble coin from the reign of Tsarina Elizabeth, dated 1750, connects the handle with the framed lens. The magnifying glass can now be found in the Royal Collection. 

1 comment:

  1. I was obsessed with magnifying glasses as a child...still am really. Who knew I could have one this ornate and amazing looking!?! Love the blue with the gold, perfect. Would be marvellous to have in my home...must get your cat burglary suit ready my dear, we have things to do and get ;-) Have a marvellous weekend xoxoxo


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