Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Dress

On Good Friday I had been invited to Fräulein Frauke's and her husband John-Paul Bichard's yearly Easter party. Every guest brings something for the buffet, and a bottle of bubbly, and then we just share everything. I made loads of dark chocolate mousse! Everyone always dress up for this decadent party, so I though it was a good idea to premiere a dress I got for my birthday last August, but still haven't had an opportunity to wear  - a vintage gown from the 40s!

The floor length dress has a plaid pattern of shiny brown, purple, copper, gold and white blending together. The skirt looks pretty narrow from the front, but there's actually quite a lot of fabric in it...

...that is gathered in the back to create a small train. At the waistline sits a sort of belt that closes in a big bow at the back.

The edge around both the neckline and the bottom of the belt is scalloped. I love this dress because it seems so different from other 40s gowns. The design of the dress is very elegant, like a ball gown. But then whoever made it used this "simple" plaid fabric that probably would have fitted a day dress. So it feels like I can wear it to both fancy parties, and just for afternoon tea.

Photo: John-Paul Bichard

I had a great time at the party, and above you see how it ended...

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  1. These is a stunning look amazing in it!! What a wonderful time, am glad you had fun :)) Happy Friday doll, enjoy your weekend <3 <3


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