Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Best Secret...

This Monday I told you I had been sent on a mission by my boss - Mrs Murphy. The mission was to go to an event for the opening of Best Secret. Best Secret is an online "by invitation only" shopping community. Unlike other shopping clubs you can't register for a membership directly by visiting the site. The only way to get in, is to get a recommendation from someone who is already a member... Once you're in though, you will find thousands of articles - clothes, shoes accessories, etc - at a great discount.

With me at the event I had fellow Special Agent of Fabulousness Miss Perfect Venturia. As pretty much all the other guests wore black/white/grey, we really stood out in our red Monica dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing.

While drinking bubbles we walked around a bit, and found a secret room that showcased some of the items for sale at the Best Secret website.

Then the opening ceremony started with a q and a by a panel put together of blogger Michaela Forni, designer Frida Ahlvarsson, Elin Frendberg, CEO at Swedish Fashion Council, and Nicholas Högberg, CEO att Tre - all lead by Ola Ahlvarsson.

After that more bubbles were drunk and we mingled for a while, taking pictures of ourselves. Haha!

All in all we had a good evening, listening to interesting people and talking to a few more. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Looks fantastic and I love these dresses that you both wore, perfect!! Am glad you got to go and have fun :)) <3 <3


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