Monday, May 25, 2015

PILL Jewelry

When I first saw the beautiful jewelry made by Jo I was transported to an old, mystical place... She calls her brand PILL Jewelry - made from sweet fairytales and dark dreams, and her - all handmade - pieces combines an nice mixture of old strange photos, bugs and other obscure things. Here are a few of the pieces you find in her web shop, but she also makes custom made things if you crave something special!

The Green Beetle Brooch

The Death Head Moth Necklace

Lily Of The Valley Earrings

Peony Collar Brooch

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Secret Love Locket Necklace

Ribs Earring

Dark Antlers and Moonstone Necklace

The Full Moon Bangle

The Wicca Moon Three Piece Ring

I met Jo at Burleskloppis (The Burlesque Flea Market) a few weeks ago, and there I bought this Big X-Ray Bat Necklace from her. I love bats so wearing an actual x-ray of this fantastic creature around my neck feels great! There are many, many more wonderful pieces in Jo's web shop, so go ahead and visit her place of wonder - you find it here!


  1. This is wonderful...I quite love this bat myself, it looks amazing :)) xx

  2. Jag älskar hennes smycken. Har ett set med armband och halsband från hennes The Trinity kollektion :)


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