Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Plaid Dress

Ok, I'm back from my one week off blogging! And I'm back with an outfit post. This is a dress I got for Christmas, and it's finally spring-like enough in this cold country to bring it out of my closet!

The dress is vintage, from the 40s, and made from a very light plaid cotton fabric. It has a nice "collar" application at the front, and big pockets. I found the dress at Dalena Vintage on Etsy, and I love it. Very soft and comfortable to wear.

I'm also wearing my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. So far I have a skull, a gothic cross, and a guitar hanging from it, but there are so many charms to choose from, so I will be adding to it. Perfect things to wish for around birthdays and such!


  1. Looks perfect for christmas ! Since here in sydney we have a warm christmas it would be perfect with its colours. Love the vintage vibe !!


    1. For me, living in Sweden, it feels so weird knowing that there are people out there who celebrates Christmas in the middle of SUMMER! Haha! But it would be cool to experience a warm Christmas some day... :) xox

  2. This is just so cute, love this dress on you!! You look amazing doll :)) <3 <3

  3. wow you're dress is amazing and looks perfect on you! :) In the meanwhile, want to follow each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Kisses and have a great week! :)


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