Monday, August 24, 2015

New Outfit (And How To Eat Cookies Like A Lady)...

Every girl needs a good ninja outfit. This us mine! It's slim and really easy to move in, which makes it perfect for kicking ass! Haha!

Since I got both pieces in black, it looks like a pantsuit, but it's actually capri pants and a top - both from Pinup Girl Clothing's line Deadly Dames. They both exist in several different colors, so you can really mix and match with these two pieces.

After an enjoyable visit at my chiropractor for some bone cracking and acupuncture I headed over to Lenore Caine's place. As both me and Lenore work as alternative models, we've become really good at posing in front of the camera - as can be seen above. I think any cookie company would be proud to have us as their brand ambassadors! Then we played Wii and cuddled with the cat.

This is Myysan. As she's super cuddly and kept moving around, being cute, it wasn't easy to get a good picture of her paws. What I wanted to show you is that she has thumbs! This probably facilitates handling an iPhone, which she obviously does since she has her own Instagram account - @theofficialmyysan. It was a good day...

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  1. You look gorgeous, love the outfit, I would wear that!! Yes, this is exactly the way ladies eat cookies, any other way is just plain un-civilised ;) I love cookies. Happy new week to you doll Xxxxxx


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