Tuesday, August 11, 2015


For some time now I've been thinking about getting a septum piercing, and last week I finally went to Platinum Ink Piercing Company and did it!

Here Simon has just pressed the needle through my nose. It hardly hurt at all, but it still triggered the tear canals to start running. Haha!

I was a a bit disappointed it didn't hurt more than it did, but as soon as I got a glass of rosé wine in my hand I felt better! As I'm not allowed to have a visible septum at my part time job, I had to put in a retainer during the weeks it takes for it to heal. You can see the two tips of it sticking out of my nose in that lovely cry-pic to the left. But then Simon turned those ends upwards - and voilà - it disappeared and will heal completely hidden inside my nose! A septum is a pretty "easy" piercing to get, as you don't have to worry about visible scars on your face if you decide to take it out one day.

Fanny had come with me to take memorable pictures of my "nose surgery", and enjoy the wine with me. She has added some tattoos to her skin this last year. Look at that gorgeous chest piece!

When it's healed and I can put in another nose ring, I want something pretty and feminine, like the one above from Body Candy for example. We'll see...


  1. It looks amazing doll, am glad you went and got it!! I love it :) And the piece you may put in it looks super too, I like that a lot, so gorgeous and expensive looking, hahaha. Glamorous!! Fanny's tattoos are amazing as well :))) <3 <3

  2. Hiya my lovely...I had seen your comment on my blog...the Moon fragrance isn't as sweet as it sounds because I thought it might be too sweet when I read the description too, but it has a very mysterious scent to it, I could also smell like a powdery-ness to it. Really wasn't what I had imagined at all, but yet what I expect from the moon, haha. Mystery. It was really lovely. I do think you'd like it and the great thing about these scents is that you can mix them, so a thunderstorm with the moon would be wonderful :) You must smell them all indeed Xxxxx


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