Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Minna Parikka

Like many other girls (and a few boys), I suffer from a disease called shoeotitis. This is a very serious disease. We who have it can usually lead pretty normal lives, and we don't always feel sick. But when an attack comes on, the only cure is to buy a new pair of shoes! So if you see a girl with a whole closet full of shoes, don't blame her, it's not her fault she was born with this lifelong disease.

Like with certain medicines working differently on different people, so it is with different brands when it comes to us shoe-users. For me personally, I've noticed that the finnish brand Minna Parikka works very well. They're a bit on the expensive side, so so far I only have three pairs (two of which I bought at half price off I might add). Something I haven't tried yet, but that I think would work wonders on my illness are some Christian Louboutins. These I put in the category "very expensive" though, so if I did try it, and it would make me feel as good as I think it would...Well, I guess you can figure out the rest yourselves...

Beware though of people saying they buy shoes because they have shoeotitis, but aren't really sick! These people are simply addicted to shoes, and need help. I am not one of these people! I really have shoeotitis!

My babies!

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