Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snow White

My sister, Christine Engström, is a photographer, and lot of the time she uses me as her photo object. A few months ago she decided she wanted to do a series of pictures portraying different fairy tale characters - but in weirder - or maybe I should say more realistic - ways than they are normally portrayed in the stories. Last Easter we started with Snow White. If you first put on a belt that cinches your waist so much you literally loses your breath, and then choke on a poisoned apple, you probably won't look like a pretty little expressionless princess anymore. So I put some bleaching make up on, tied a red ribbon in my hair, put a pair of white lenses in my eyes, and skipped out into the forest. We found a perfect location just beside a little lake and started shooting. The problem was just that this perfect spot happened to be in the middle of the ant's freeway. I don't know how many bites I got. But the things I wont do for art...

Snow White with cinching belt.

Snow White with poisoned apple.

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