Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ghost Dress

This summer I've been invited to no less than two weddings! As I was staring myself blind at the computer screen, trying to find a nice vintage dress to wear to at least one of these weddings, I came across something I immediately fell in love with! It was a tea length dress from the early 50s, made out of white tulle, white lace, and silver paillettes. For obvious reasons this is a dress not so suitable to wear to a wedding - unless you're the bride yourself - so the reasonable thing would have been to just have forgotten about it and continued searching for something more wearable. But then it happened! My right hand moves the little arrow on the screen to the "buy" button, and clicks it!!! I had obviously nothing to do with it, but thanks to that naughty hand the dress is now hanging in my closet. And it's so pretty!

In some of the seams you an see that it was completely white from the beginning. Now the lace has more of an ivory color, and the net looks a bit "dusty". The skirt is completely transparent and has to be worn with a petticoat, that will also give it some volume. But the transparency, together with the dusty color, makes it look like smoke or mist half-dissolving in the air. Kind of what you can imagine a ghost would wear. The paillettes, as they hit each other when you move, gives of a lovely sound like little dropps of silver rain falling on the ground...

And, yes, I did find another, proper, dress to wear at a wedding too...

The dress was bought at Wallflower Vintage 

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