Sunday, July 31, 2011



Friday evening me and my sister Christine were to meet up with Fanny and Michael at Medborgarplatsen. I decided to do victory rolls in my hair, and for this do I created my own rats some time ago. I did it the old fashioned way, by saving my own hair that got stuck in my brush, cleaning it thoroughly, and then - after a long time of hair saving - putting my collection in two hair nets. Having something to roll your hair up on when you do victory rolls is so much easier than only using your own hair, especially if you have long hair like me.


Victory rolls

In a dress from Voom me and sis then headed out.

Fanny looked gorgeous (as always) in a dark plum colored vintage dress from the 70s.

After sitting at Kvarnen, drinking wine and playing with Michael's iPad for a while, we went to Nada where we drank Margaritas and arm wrestled.

Michael vs Christine
Me vs Fanny. Look at those biceps!!!

After that we headed to Vampire Lounge where everyone went ghetto, I almost got hired as a go go dancer...

...and I'm just gonna let the picture speak for itself...


Since we were blessed with good summer whether even this day, sister and I took a box of white wine and a blanket and went to R√•lambshovsparken to chill. I wore a dress I bought from Tifa DeLeone on the first burlesque flea market that was held in Stockholm a few months ago. It has some stretch in the fabric, so it's really comfortable. The 50s style sunglasses are from HoM. I felt so cool in these shades I even wore them down in the subway. But when we went into a grocery store a had to take them off. Otherwise I would have felt like a celebrity who wants to get recognized and because of that wears sunglasses inside to pretend they don't want to get recognized but know they will because it's not normal to wear sunglasses inside and so everyone will look and then recognize the person who pretends to not want to be recognized and so has accomplished what he/she wanted...

On our way to the park we stopped and bought some chicken satay. It came with a very delicious peanut sauce. Yummy!

Sister tried on my red lipstick for the first time. I think she looked gorgeous!

We spent the whole evening there, philosophying underneath a tree.

When it got darker we watched the stars slowly come out of their black hiding. Felt like a long time since I had seen them, because of the light swedish summer nights, so it was a lovely sight. Then we ran out of wine and it got colder, so we packed up and went home...


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