Monday, July 25, 2011

What Men SHOULD Wear!

As a follow up on my last post "What Men Should NOT Wear", I will here show you a few examples of what men should wear. But don't take it too seriously, and burn everything in you closets that doesn't happen to look like what the people in the pictures below are wearing. Don't take it as rules. See it more like guidelines...

                                              Jude Law and Tom Ford

For a day in the car.

Bring out the Michael Jackson in you. 

Don't be afraid of hats boys! They won't eat your brains. If you have one, use it! Here a good old fedora.

Someone known for wearing fedoras - Justin Timberlake.

I have to say I have a bit of a week spot for the 40s gangster style. Here shown by Johnny Depp in the movie "Public Enemies". Hat!!!

Oops...I have no idea where that picture came from! Peter Steele rest in peace...

Here comes Johnny.

Yummy! Emile Hirsch in cool leather jacket.

Jack White in black. Black always works - as long as the clothes you're wearing has the right fit!...Do I have to mention he's wearing a HAT?!!!!

And don't forget - jeans and a T-shirt always looks good! But please make sure you're wearing the right size! Here shown by Marlon Brando. With that look in your eyes you don't really need to wear anything else though...

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