Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman

Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman is a photographer that pops up in this blog now and then - not just because he happens to be one of my closest friends - but also because he is a hell of a photographer! He doesn't just work as a photographer, he is a photographer! He always has something with him to take pictures with, wether it is his iPad, an old analog camera, or something professional and very expensive. When he and I went to the Museum of Photography a while ago, he could tell me both what film had been used to take the different photos, on what they had been developed, and what light source had been used. I was in complete awe! He really knows what he is doing!

I've stood in front of his camera a few times, and for some time he has been working on a project where he takes people's portraits - using an analog camera, and only the light coming in from a window. In these black and white photos he tries to capture the models personality, and from what I've seen so far he's doing a really good job - as usual...Here comes three photos from the shoot he did with me, and a few pictures from the same series, but with other persons!





Vanessa aka Audrey Hepburn


More photos can be seen on Michael's Facebook page, where he adds new pictures now and then!


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  1. He takes stunning pictures..especially ones of the darling Miss. Meadows :) xx


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