Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Dress

I have a new dress!!!

It's a custom made vintage dress from the 50s. I got it from Rococo Vintage on Etsy, and it fits me perfectly! I was so glad I didn't have to take it in anywhere, like I usually have to do with vintage dresses - especially in the bust area...The only thing I had to do was make the shoulder bands a bit shorter.

The pink parts is a bit darker in reality, and those stripes has a beautiful satin sheen. 

Underneath one layer of black tulle is attached to the skirt, to give the dress a little bit of volume. If I want more I guess I can always add a crinoline!


  1. Wooo-hooo, don't you look as pretty as a flower!! Love that dress, the stripes are gorgeous. And it does fit you wonderfully!! And with the beautiful trees behind, you're a picture of loveliness. The weather is drier here now, so I can get some pictures snapped of my 'new' vintage dress, I was just going to take one inside, but I think it's too pretty to be worn just inside :) So, I shall try tomorrow if it's dry :)))) Have a lovely day petal!!! xxx

  2. Jag tror det blir perfekt att ha en krinolin under! Pröva!

  3. Cute! And yes I too think a bit more omph in the skirt would look nice. :)

  4. Oh what a beauty (you and the dress!), this dress is heavenly! I am sure you will get tons of compliments when you're wearing it :).

  5. That is so pretty! I love the colors!

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments! And I will definitely try to put a crinoline underneath the skirt to make it BIGGER!!! :) xx


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