Thursday, June 07, 2012

John Willie

John Willie (born John Alexander Scout Coutts, 1902) was a pioneer when it comes to fetish photography and bondage illustrations. Between 1946-1949 he published - somewhat irregularly - his own magazine Bizarre. This magazine included photographs, drawings of costume designs, and letters from readers, concerning things like high heels, bondage, sadomasochism, transvestism, corsets, and body modification.

As a bondage artist Willie is most known for his character Sweet Gwendoline, a rather naïve blond damsel in distress, who unfortunately finds herself tied up in scene after scene. She always gets rescued - and tied up gain, but only for benevolent reasons - by Secret Agent U-69. A third character who reappears is the moustache-clad villain Sir Dystic D'Arcy, that Willie based on himself. Here are some of his illustrations!


  1. Those are the last one :)))

  2. Wow, you can definitely tell that John was a huge fan of bondage, some of these are kind of creepy such as the one of the woman with her head submerged in soap suds but I can't deny that the art is beautiful, thanks for sharing this Miss Meadows. I feel horribly immature for laughing at the fact his second name's Willie considering what he likes to draw haha.

  3. Came back for another look ; ) You know, can't help myself!! Thank you flower for the kind words. The veiled hat is my favourite too, those are the ones I look for first ;) And yes, I rather ruin my hair than my hat too : ) The picnic looked wonderful and a group of beauties wearing vintage hats is how it should be :))) We will take over the world with our hats :))) xox

  4. are these real

    1. Yes, they are real! :) Here is a link to some info about the artist John Willie:


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