Monday, November 11, 2013

Caput Mundi International Burlesque Awards - Part 1

November 1-3 Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award went down - for the first time - with a bang in the middle of Italy's beautiful capital, Rome! I had never been to Rome before, so going there to perform was great! The organizers behind the festival were Albadoro Gala and Dixie Ramone - aka The Missunderstanding, and they did a great job!

So, here is what happened on the first day - Friday. The event took place at Teatre Centrale Carlsberg in the center of Rome. The stage looked old fashioned and was perfect for a bit of burlesque striptease!

Photo: Christine Engström

My sister Christine had come with me to Rome - something I was very happy about since my Pain Demon was being very annoying! Having someone you can trust close to you when you're in a lot of pain makes things easier. Sis had brought her camera, and here she caught me backstage putting red glitter on my lips.

Photo: Christine Engström

Here I am with the lovely Mrs Mystique, just before she attacked me...

Photo: Christine Engström

Don't get too close to pretty geishas! They might turn out to be demons. I learnt that the hard way...

Then the show started, with Jack Woodhead on the grand piano! Other performers were:

Before mentioned Mrs Mystique!

And me! I did my "Arabian Nights" act, which I end by pouring glitter over myself out of an Aladdin lamp. Since I was too tired to take a shower when I came back to the motel that night, I woke up with very sparkly sheets the next morning. Haha!

Erochica Bamboo did a guest performance, and in the intermission there was an auction to collect money for the building of a school in Dharavi, India. Most performers brought something to sell. My object was a pair of worn out pointe shoes. 

The Friday was actually a competition, to crown the best newcomer with the title "Papessa of Burlesque". The winner was Betty Q, who here can be see with her crown - a pink, sparkling replica of the Colosseum! 

All performers got goodiebags too! Inside it I found some very useful stuff: Pretty pasties from Zou Zou, and a 10 Euro discount card and a Power Bullet - a little vibrator - from Alcova. Tired, but happy, we then returned to our hostel - The Yellow - where most of us stayed. The next day was the second show day of Caput Mundi. But more about that on Wednesday...

All photos marked "Bichard", by John Paul Bichard.


  1. Looks amazing doll!! You look marvellous, am so glad you got to go and have a great show!! No doubt, you'll be travelling all over the world soon :)))) All the other acts look fantastic too, am glad your sister was there with you, so sweet :))) Have a gorgeous new week doll xxxxx

  2. That's why you are my kind of girl...we love the carnival and our weird and wonderful people ;-) You can do your dancing, I'll do my singing and we will hypnotize the people at our circus of delights ;-) So sorry to hear of your flu doll, not good. I hope you get much better soon, wrap up and take good care!! Yes, go to the website and find some pretties :)))) *hands you pretty tissues* <3 <3 <3 ;)


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