Monday, November 25, 2013

OrologiSilenziosi Timeless Couture

One of my fellow performers at Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award - Mrs Mystique - shared a page on Facebook, and since the picture she posted looked very nice I - of course - had to investigate! And that's how I found OrologiSienziosi Timeless Couture! It is a company based in Venice, Italy, that creates avantgarde couture, corsets, hats and accessories. The owner work on commission only. So every piece is unique, handcrafted for every customer's needs. And here are some of OrologiSilenziosi's beautiful creations...

Photo: Annie Bertram

Corset dress and accessories.


Photo: Andrea Parisi

Black Widow Spider outfit for Mrs Mystique herself!

Flower head piece.


Burlesque ensemble for Nuit Blanche.

Another amazing corset!

Photo: Viktoria Stuts

Edwardian outfit.

There are too many goodies for me to show you them all! But if you want to see more, just head over to OrologiSilenziosi's Facebook page, or their website!


  1. Ahem amazing!!! I really really really want the pasties and this last outfit, it is marvellous!! Am glad you shared this...I'm going to check it out now :)))) So dreamy and beautiful!!We need all of these things! I hope you have a stunning week my darling girl!! <3 xxxxx

  2. These are all so awesome Miss Meadows, I really am a sucker for vintage corsets!

  3. I am in love with the Victorian outfit.So pretty!! Thank you for sharing these one of a kinda creations with us. Hugs!


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