Thursday, November 07, 2013

Children's Worst Nightmares

Remember when you were really young, and monsters lived both underneath your bed and in the closet? Photographer Joshua Hoffine has made a series of photographies that depict all the things that exist in children's scary imagination. The series is called Children's Worst Nightmares, and I strongly suggest you don't look at these pictures just before going to bed! You never know, those nightmares might come back...


  1. These are scary indeed, haha!! I love them though :))) I hated clowns after King's It!! And when I needed to go to the basement, I used to jump from the middle stair before I got to the stairs at the bottom where hands could come through, haha!! I was convinced monsters indeed lived in my house. But, these are super cool, fantastic talent and concept!! Xxxx

  2. I think that I'm shocked that I like it, in fact I don't just like it, I absolutely adore the concept and the quality of the photos. I think that my favourite is looking through the keyhole and seeing a terrifying psycho killer. That's the sort of thing that would scare anybody simply because it brings back the old childhood fear of hearing a noise, investigating and potentially finding something very scary on the other side of the door or lurking in the shadows waiting for us. It's incredible and wondrously done and I'm so thankful that you shared this on here Miss Meadows, just amazing!

  3. Wow! Those were awesome!!!!! :D


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