Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Exquisite Identities

I feel very blessed to have so many artistic and creative friends. It feels like someone is always up to something crazy, beautiful and entertaining, and most of them don't mind sharing their work with the rest of us. One of these people is photographer John Paul Bichard. You have probably seen some of his pictures on my blog before, since he always walks around with his camera, shooting both performers and guests at events such as Fräulein Frauke Presents and the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival - both of which he produces together with his wife Fräulein Frauke.

John Paul has worked with different projects which has been exhibited both in Europe and in the US, and this post will be about one of those projects - one he calls Exquisite Identities. When describing the project himself, he says that Exquisite Identities is "a growing series of photographic works that capture the creativity, personality and aesthetics of some of the great names in the contemporary burlesque and cabaret scene. The focus is on people who go to extraordinary lengths in their professional lives to develop rich, complex and highly constructed identities..." As some of these exquisite identities happens to be friends of mine, or performers I have had the chance to see on stage, I can tell you that the way they have been portrayed by Mr Bichard is the perfect way to get to know their stage-personalities. This is who these people are, and what they do!

Lou Lou D'Vil

Fräulein Frauke

Laurie Hagen

Honey Lulu

Hedo Luxe

Erochica Bamboo

Mr Pustra

Scotty The Blue Bunny

Cleo Viper

Marlene von Steenvag

Vicky Butterfly

Until The end of April you can see seven pictures from this series exhibited at MELT Bar & Restaurant in Stockholm. For more of John Paul Bichard's works, please visit his web site here!


  1. I love!! Mr. Pustra & Vicky Butterfly are two of my favourite performers! Mr. Pustra was just here not too long ago in Glasgow actually, so amazing!! I think it is the best way to see them is to capture what they do because they put their all into what they do. These are really exquisite pictures!! Happy Wednesday darling girl, i hope you are well!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I hopped over here from the gorgeous Kizzy's blog.

    You have such a talented photographer for a friend. His works are amazing! I love the 1st 4 pictures and the last one. There seem to be some dark morbid theme going on behind these photos and I love photos like these.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière
    Jo's 2nd blog giveaway

    1. Yes, he's very talented. And he does have a dark theme to many of his shoots! That's one of the things I love about his work - how he mixes the dark and weird with elegance and beauty... :) xox


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