Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Woodland Belle

After graduating from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, jewelry artist Mai Mckemy started crafting jewelry and accessories under the name Woodland Belle. Finding her inspiration in nature's own magic, she wanted to create lovely things that make women feel beautiful. Each piece is personally designed and created by Mai in cast metals that are 100% economically responsible reclaimed metals, sourced in the USA. My personal favorites are the little flowers encased in glass vials though... Whether you live in a city or close to nature, wearing Woodland Belle pieces will allow you to always carry around a bit of the free wilderness...


Bella Rustica Antique Bronze Tiny Twig Hair Pins

Antique Pewter Stag Antler Hair Pins

Cherry Blossom Tiny Twig Hair Pins



Pink Peony Flower Tiny Terrarium Necklace

Rare Blue Rose Flower Tiny Glass Vial Terrarium Necklace

Classic Red Rose Flower Terrarium Glass Vial Necklace


Butterfly Collection Necklace In Antiqued Copper

Sterling Silver Luna Moth Necklace

Solid Bronze Silk Moth Necklace

To see more of Mai Mckemy's beautiful creations, please visit Woodland Belle's web site here!


  1. Hiya lovely....these are so sweet, I love them all!! What marvellous creations.I can't even pick a favourite because each of them are the kind of things that I enjoy. So pretty. Happy Wednesday my darling dear!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Just saw your sweet, yes you know me well, I do love pretty!! Great minds doll, great minds!! There is a reason I think as to why you live where you do & I live where I do, they thought if we were together - too many amazing things for two girls would happen, hahaha!! One day, one day we will see one another ;D <3

    1. Yes we will! And then glitter will explode over the world!!! ;) xx


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