Friday, June 06, 2014

Fabergé Friday

I like crows. They're clever birds. And here is one made in Fabergé's workshop, by workmaster Henrik Wigström, around the year 1907!

The crow is made of carved kalgan jasper and obsidian, with silver gilt legs and aquamarine eyes, to create the most realistic effect as possible.

With it's measurements of 3.1'' x 6.2'' x 2.2'' (7.8 x 15.7 x 5.7 cm) the bird is a bit bigger than most other Fabergé miniature animals. It was bought by Queen Alexandra in 1914, and now has it's place in the Royal Collection.


  1. It's perfect!! I love crows too, have since a child, I always thought they were smart, one always follows me, well walks beside me like it wants to chat, haha. Plus, one of my favourite movies is The Crow. And you & I love Poe, so we need this, haha!! It's perfect and I love the different materials used to make it more realistic!! Stunning. Happy Friday doll, I hope it's a gorgeous one for you Xxxx

  2. a work of art for sure! love how realistic it looks.

    I adore crows (and ravens). A few days ago I had the chance to photograph a baby crow and it was the most adorable thing ever!

    1. Ravens are a favorite for me too! I have one tattooed on my right forearm! :) xx


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