Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tattooed Porcelain Girls

Jessica Harrison is an artist based in the UK. Her work ranges from stone sculpture and mixed media installation to lithography and video work. "Her research considers the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body, but looks neither inwards toward a hidden core, nor outwards from the subconscious, instead looking orthogonally across the skin to the movement of the body itself, using the surface of the body as a mode of both looking and thinking." She "re-describes the body in sculpture through the skin, offering an alternative way of thinking about the body beyond a binary tradition of inside and outside."

One thing Harrison has created is a series of tattooed porcelain figurines. They look like classic, pretty porcelain ladies in flowing dresses, but the difference with these is that they all have their skin covered in Sailor Jerry style tattoos. I love this mix of pretty feminine and cool tattoos! And well, I do have a lot of friends who look kind of like this in real life. Haha! Here they are:

For more of Jessica Harrison's work, check out her website and her Facebook page!


  1. Ha...these are amazing!! I love it. I used to have figurines like these when I was younger, they would have been thousands better had they had these awesome tattoos on them too!! Fantastic work. Happy Wednesday my dear Xxxxxxxxxx


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