Monday, June 02, 2014

New Vintage Dress And Jacket

In October last year I bought a new vintage dress suit. Thought it might be time to show it off now - half a year later... Hehe... But I actually haven't been able to wear it until recently, when the weather has finally been warm enough for it. But here it is!  It's from the 40s, and I got it at Dalena Vintage's lovely Etsy shop!

The dress and the jacket are made of the same fabric - a soft, light cotton. The top of the dress is folded over to the outside to create a bit of draping. The skirt is a bit gathered in the back.

And here is the matching jacket! It has a fitted waist, a peplum, and a little pleated bustle in the back. The sleeves have cuffs, and although I have them down in these pictures, I later folded them up. I like both looks though. For some reason the color of the two top pictures changed when I put them on my blog. The bottom photo shows off the real color of the fabric though. Damn you Blogger!!!


  1. I love the colour! It looks so sweet on you!

  2. You look marvellous doll, love this dress, so pretty and flattering to your shape as well!! Haha...blogger does have a habit of changing colours really. Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead Xxxxx

  3. It looks fantastic!


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