Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Photo...

When I have written about different burlesque events here, I have mostly used pictures by photographer John-Paul Bichard. He is a very talented photographer who's always working on some new, exciting project. Except for the pics he has taken of me during burlesque performances, I have wanted to do a proper shoot with him for a long time. Right now he's working on something amazing, together with an artist, and when he asked me if I wanted to be part of it, I - of course - said yes! As a thank you for throwing my clothes off for his camera (yep, I'm naked again... Haha!), he also took a portrait of me after the main shoot. This one...

With the dark background, soft light, and the fact that I'm hardly wearing any makeup, it reminds me of an old baroque or renaissance painting. I'm also wearing a long pearl necklace entwined in my hair. But that was to get the right look for the project we did the shoot for. Unfortunately I can't tell you more about this project yet, as it's not ready to be shown to the world. I actually haven't seen much of it myself. So we all have to wait...

Photo: John-Paul Bichard


  1. You look amazing doll, so glamorous - yet refined!! Can't wait to see more of this project as it sounds spectacular!! Have a sweet day Xxxxxxx

  2. A beautiful picture, you are an alternative version of a "girl with a pearl earring" on it :-). I look forward to see what the project is about!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I love "Girl with a pearl earring"! Can't wait to see the result of this project myself!!! :) xxx

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