Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Forbidden Drinking...

During the Prohibition, that lasted between 1920-1933 in the US, and forbade any sale, production importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, the speakeasy became the place to socialize at. These speakeasies were bars that illegally sold booze to their customers behind locked doors. Some of these popular places were run by criminals, and even though the police would sometimes raid the bars and arrest both the owners and their customers, the speakeasies were so profitable they continued to flourish. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White were able to take some photos at a few of these notorious bars in 1933 - the year the Prohibition ban was lifted, and therefor meant the speakeasies could take the locks off their doors. I found her photos in LIFE Magazine's archives. And here they are! Illegal drinking...


  1. Brilliant, it's silly to think of the things that were banned really. It just seems ridiculous to us now!! I think people were a bit backwards - still are with some things really. But, it's good to see how far we've come, but still have a ways to go!! Happy Thursday darling girl <3 <3

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  3. Love these! There are a few speakeasy-styled bars near where I live, and it's funny and fun to act like drinking is such a dangerous night out.

    1. I would LOVE to visit a speakeasy-styled bar! Unfortunately, we don't really have any of those in Stockholm, where I live... :) xox


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