Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Dress

I got two dresses from Santa this year - one new, and one vintage. This is the new one!

It's from H&M and made of powder-pink, slightly shiny lace over an under-dress in the same color. I think it's perfectly fine to wear light or pastel colors even in the winter. It's all about the design of the dress. With the high neckline and long sleeves this one has it's perfect for colder weather!

Another thing that was hiding under the Christmas tree with my name on it is this little vintage purse. Even though it's small, it still has good room inside for necessary things, such as powder, red lipstick, iPhone and a small vibrator. You know, things you can't leave the house without... Haha!


  1. The dress is gorgeous, I love the powder color! The little purse is beautiful too, and a good thing it can hold all the necessities :-)

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous, love this dress, so sweet for a modern one too :)) Perfect fabric and colour :)) The bag is wonderful <3 <3 <3


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