Monday, March 30, 2015

New Work Uniform

As I've written before I'm now working for Mrs Murphy, as one of her five Special Agents of Fabulousness. To be able to look our best when representing Mrs M's company, we now have matching work uniforms! We have been sponsored by retro clothing company Pinup Girl Clothing with red Monica dresses, and with shoes from Deichmann. Even though we have been sponsored with these outfits, my opinions about them are completely my own though. But only good...

The Monica dress is probably the best repro 50s dress ever designed! When it hangs on a hanger, it looks a bit like a limp curtain, and you might wonder how anyone would ever fit into it. But that's the thing about this dress - it is seriously like a body-condom! As you step into it you have to wiggle and jiggle for a while to get it up over your hips, but it is really stretchy, and once you've pulled it all the way up, it will fit probably any body type like a glove!

Check it out! Mrs M calls this dress the instant bombshell dress, and as soon as I put it on I felt so good! I'm a skinny girl, but even I get some curves in this dress! The Monica comes in several different colors and sizes, and if you want to invest in one dress that will make you feel like the belle of the ball, I can really recommend this one! The only problem is now I feel like I really need one in each color...

The Deichmann high heels that finishes off this sassy work outfit are of black lace with an open toe, and will look good with pretty much any outfit. The good thing about Deichmann is that you can find very nice shoes at a very good price there. Before I started working for Mrs M and got sponsored with their shoes, I had bough several pairs from them that i love! Wearing new shoes while vacuuming is the perfect way to break them in. So I guess now I have a good reason to clear away some dust... After dressing up and taking these pictures Mrs M sent me out on a fabulous mission. But more about that on Wednesday...

A BIG thank you to Pinup Girl Clothing and Deichmann for helping us Agents get proper work uniforms!

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  1. Such a stunning dress and you look amazing!! Love this so much :))) <3 <3 <3


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