Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dreamchaser Lace Duster

I just bought myself the perfect black lace duster! It's from Hellaholics - a Scandinavian brand and online store, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They find their inspiration in vintage treasures, starry nights, music, and generally fabulous chicks from all walks of life. They aim to create a collection of garments and jewelry that embodies fearlessness and fun, things that gives you that instant attitude, yet are easy to wear. And here is my new duster!

It's made of sheer black lace with embroidered details, and has cap sleeves. Although I'm just wearing lingerie underneath it here to show it off better, this is one of those pieces of clothing you can wear in so many ways! Throw it over any outfit to make it a bit more interesting. Use a belt and wear it as a dress. Or just over your lingerie while at home...or going grocery shopping. Haha!

It comes in sizes small, medium and large, and although I'm usually an extra small, the small one fitted me perfectly! It's called the Dreamchaser Lace Duster, and you find it here!


  1. That is lovely!! Too bad they don't come in larger sizes. :(

    1. Well, I don't know what size you are, but since the duster is pretty much meant to hang behind you, maybe you can still use the one in a size large? The arm holes are also quite big even in the size small I have... :) xxx


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