Friday, October 02, 2015

Jewelry Friday

Part of our costumes (or lack there of...) in La Traviata consists of really cool jewelry. I asked the costume designer Sanna Nyström where she had found it, and she said she had bough most of it at a shop called WOS. So of course I had to check this place out! WOS was launched in 2012, is run by Jenny Widing and Ulrika Stöllman, and has a physical shop in Stockholm, as well as a web shop. Their vision is to be able to offer an oasis of accessories, and also to be a stepping stone for unestablished avant-garde design. Currently they have around 80 designers and artists working for WOS, creating unique pieces of different materials. Although you find everything from bags and sunglasses to art here, this jewelry post will of course be about their jewelry! To see everything else WOS has to offer, just follow this link!

Them there Eyes




No no no

Razor Divine

Shark Tooth Ring

Bla bla bla

Fern bracelet

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