Monday, October 05, 2015

Sugar Lace Lingerie

Everyone who likes shopping on Etsy knows that you can get stuck there forever. Searching for different items, and just finding more and more stuff to add to your shopping list. Well, here's another Etsy shop to add to that list! It's called Sugar Lace Lingerie and is owned by Adrianna Tenoiro, who creates beautiful, very feminine lingerie! Everything is handmade, often comes in several different colors, and has a very sweet vintage look. Here are a few of the items in her shop. The rest you find here!

Pom Pom Bloomers

Dark Ballerina Set

Ruffled Panty

Robin's Egg Blue Babydoll

Black/Ivory Garter Belt Tutu

Silk French Knickers

Satin Floral Sleep Mask with Baby Pin Trim


  1. These are sooo gorgeous! I've been stuck at home sick and have been doing online lingerie shopping to fill the time. :) I love that dark ballerina set, especially. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lingerie shopping on the net is something I do when I'm home sick to! Makes you feel good... :) Hope you feel better soon honey! xox


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