Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabergé Friday

And Imperial Easter Egg number fifty-one is: the "Red Cross with Triptych Egg", from 1915!

The simple look of this egg was because WWI had begun. The gold shell is covered in opalescent white enamel, and then decorated with a translucent red enamel cross on each side. In the middle of the two crosses are miniature portraits of the Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana, dressed in their Red Cross uniforms. 

The cross with Tatiana's portrait serves as a clasp, that opens the egg up vertically to reveal the surprise - a triptych. The center scene is depicting "The Harrowing of Hell" - the Orthodox representation of the Resurrection.

On the left wing is Saint Olga - the founder of Christianity in Russia - depicted, with the crown monogram of Tsarina Alexandra inscribed on the door.

The right wing holds a picture of the martyr Saint Tatiana, and the year "1915" inscribed on the door.

The "Red Cross with Triptych Egg" can now be seen at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio, USA.


  1. Really stunning egg. I hope you have a wonderful weekend darling girl...I am ready for it :)) Am happy you enjoyed the art post today, her work is stunning, I've seen them up close, it's really dreamy..I did well and didn't steal any of it ; ) xox

  2. I love this egg Miss Meadows, the colour scheme of it is the real winner.

  3. This egg is so adorable! I love watching art done with eggs. It's always captivated me for some reason!

    Thank you for posting it! :))


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