Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things I DON'T Want Right Now

And after yesterday's lovely post, here naturally follows the second part of atrocities from the Resort 2013 Collections...


This feels a bit difficult to define. So I'll simply refrain from doing that.

Michael Kors

My eyes actually feel weird from looking at this outfit!

Mother of Pearl

I'm sorry, but I wouldn't even sleep in this...

Nicole Miller

No comments...

Nicole Miller

Same comment as above...

Norma Kamali

No, I don't even think aliens dress like this!

Organic by John Patrick

What is wrong with this picture?...Answer: He's not wearing sock suspenders...etc...


This is what happens when you smoke too much weed while designing!

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Hey ho!

Reed Krakoff

This looks a bit like a carrot that is starting to go bad, with the outer layer slowly starting to fall off...


Look at that stance! Splendid! And the boots! Wow...This dress will also make your boobs look great! Especially if one of them hangs, and the other one is perky...Seriously. Can someone please give this poor woman a bra? Or at least some duct tape?!...


  1. The first few of these are actually horrendous, none of them are great though. I love the "what the heck am I wearing?" look that half the people modelling have on their face, honestly that really does say it all, great post Miss Meadows.

  2. These are horrendous, I can't even think of a word best suited for their horrifying appearance!! : /


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