Monday, July 23, 2012

Outfit post

This outfit post takes place on a mini golf course! I had challenged Fanny to go play this game with me, and one day the sun actually shone when we woke up, so we decided to head for the course!

Fanny looked lovely - as usual - in a dress she had made herself, from vintage fabric!

My dress I bought in a little vintage shop in NYC last summer. Since I usually wear clothes from the 40s or 50s - sometimes even 30s - I felt extremely modern in this 70s dress! 

I love the mix of pastels in the print, and the fabric is light and flowy. Perfect for a hot day! The fact that my left arm looks completely retarded in this photo is another thing though...

Since neither me or Fanny had played mini golf for a long time, we were both surprised at how good we were at it! We both made two hole in ones each, but I was the one who won - with one point...We were a little bit annoyed that there were no butlers at the course though - serving cool refreshments and holding parasols over us while we played. But we managed to keep our spirits up, and not fainting, under the burning sun. Afterwards we sat down in the shade for some wine-sipping!


  1. You both look wonderful, I enjoy a game of mini golf sometimes. Both dresses are gorgeous. I don't usually get dresses from the 70's either, but I have a few I liked because of the fabric. Looks like you both had a wonderful time!! Have a super Monday doll Xx

  2. Ni har väldigt fina klänningar båda två måste jag säga! :)

  3. These photos are awesome Miss Meadows, it seems like you guys really did have a fun day out and your outfits are both fabulous, damn you're both looking great :P My only question is who won the game? Mini golf is awesome, I'm kind of jonesing for it after reading this.

  4. SV: Tack själv fina du! :)
    Ja verkligen, rött piffar alltid upp och gör en glad!
    Hehe nej jag känner också det, vill, vill, vill shoppa men får inte, iallafall inte nu innan lön! ;)

  5. Oh my...I love your dresses! Soooo cute! I need to gather the courage to dress awesome like that!! :))


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