Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lars Wallin Jewelry Collection

Sweden's leading couture designer, Lars Wallin, who has created dreamy dresses for both celebrities and princesses, has now also designed a jewelry collection. The collection is named Roxanne, and exists in two different looks - one in white, ethereal silver (Frost), and the other with a tougher, oxidised finnish (Oxy).

Roxanne Frost, bracelet.

Roxanne Oxy, bracelet.

Gwen Frost, ring.

Gwen Oxy, ring.

Janis Frost, necklace.

Janis Oxy, necklace.

Lily Frost, earrings.

Lily Oxy, earrings.

Amy Frost, bracelet.

Amy Oxy, bracelet.

Rose Frost, earrings.

Rose Oxy, earrings.

Chris Frost, necklace

Chris Oxy, necklace.

Emmie Frost, ring.

Emmie Frost, ring.

Jemma Frost, earrings.

Jemma Oxy, earrings.

Grace Frost, necklace.

Grace Oxy, necklace.

Megan Frost, earrings with detachable bottom part.

Megan Oxy, earrings with detachable bottom part.

My own favorites from this collection is the Lily Frost earrings. Simple, yet beautiful silver flowers that can be worn to anything! You can find Lars Wallin's jewelry at Smycka. I'm not sure they ship outside of Sweden though...


  1. What an amazing range Miss Meadows, love all of these, don't think there's a bad item in this range at all.

  2. Marvelous collection - we love the same piece the most :))Wouldn't mind adding some to my collection :)))

  3. Gorgeous collections!Love them all looks at some of my collections Sieraden Parel

  4. They did ship abroad, but I had to contact them. Information was found here:
    /Sandra W

    1. Thank you for the info! Don't understand why they didn't make it more easier for their customers tho... :) xox


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