Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabergé Friday

The next Fabergé egg in line is one we don't have much information about. It's name is the "Bonbonnière Egg", and it was made in 1900!

This egg, which have the same name as one of the Kelch family's eggs, is silvered gilt and enameled in translucent white. It is also decorated with gold laurel swags, gold bows, diamonds, and rubies. The egg is less than 2 inches (5 cm) long, and could possibly have been used as a container for candies. 

This is the only picture I could find of it, and there is no information about it's current whereabouts. But as one of my most faithful followers, and commenters, is a very dreamy person, who I know could come up with the most amazing story about what happened to this egg, I dedicate this one to her - Ms. Dainty  Doll of the two very readable blogs The Dainty Dolls House and La Femme Nouvelle!


  1. This is very mysterious indeed Miss Meadows, I really wonder where it is right now. Awesome idea to dedicate this to Dainty Doll too, I love her and her blogs so much!

  2. I love it!! And it's so sweet you dedicate it to me :))))) It's perfect. I would come up with a story about it too & tell a different one every time someone asked after it ;D This gives me an idea...I think I will use this egg for an upcoming post, wooo :)))) Ahh...the imagination is rolling..yes yes!! Am so flattered & very very honoured you thought to dedicate this egg to me, I do love these posts :))) I love it :))) Am all smiles now, will keep me warm and happy for this cold day!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll face!! Hahaa..I just saw what Matty wrote up there, nice :) I am going before I get further embarrassed, I don't take compliments so well :) Enjoy my sweet!! <3 <3 <3 P.S. did you get my email that I sent?? I wanted to make sure it got to you ok is all :) xx

  3. Shame on Google mail. It's done that to me before as well, so I use my yahoo one for my blog. Have a wonderful time tonight and with your shoot tomorrow, sounds wonderful! No doubt, it will all be beautiful too :) Love Gene Kelly too, amazing!! Enjoy doll xoxoxoxo

  4. Ah, I'm sure Ms. Dainty Doll will do a superb job of spinning a good story for us :)))


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