Friday, November 02, 2012

Fabergé Friday

Another Fabergé egg that wasn't made for either the Kelch family or the Imperial Family, is the "Spring Flowers Egg", created somewhere between the years 1886-1896!

This egg is covered in strawberry-red enamel over a guilloché ground. Over it's surface runs gold ornaments in the Louis XV style. Encircling the egg from top to bottom is a line of rose-cut diamonds, ending in a diamond set clasp at the top. The base is made of pale green bowenite, decorated with diamonds, and resting on a scrollwork in gold. 

When opening the clasp on top of the egg, the two sides divides to show the surprise - a diamond-set platinum basket full of windflowers, or wood anemones. The flowers are made of white chalcedony, with demantoid garnet centers, and engraved gold stems. Between the flowers you can also see green enamel leaves. 

The "Spring Flowers Egg" is now part of the Viktor Vekselberg Collection.


  1. I love the red and gold look of the egg, there's something so regal about those colours that just screams royalty to me. It's such a pretty egg, I could put it anywhere in my house (if I was lucky enough to find it just lying around), and the room would instantly be transformed to looking beautifully elegant and warm.

  2. Such an exquisite egg, I love the outside more than the inside, I think it's the red colour, it's so rich and wonderful :) Happy Friday flower Xxx

  3. Så vackert! Ett riktigt konstverk minsann. Kul att du kikade in hos mig så att jag i min tur hittade till din härliga blogg. Denna kommer jag att besöka ofta.
    Ha en härlig söndagskväll!


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