Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Maria Nilsdotter

Swedish jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter started her own brand after graduating from renowned arts collage Central Saint Martins, with a BA in Jewelry Design, in 2007. In the beginning she made all the pieces herself - often in very limited editions, sometimes only one of some designs. As the brand now has become too popular for her to have time to create everything herself, her jewelry lines are now being produced in both Sweden and England.

In June 2011 Maria opened her first shop/working studio in the Old Town in Stockholm, where she also offers her customers to come in and place special orders. The inspiration for the design she finds in a mysterious and dark fantasy world often drawn from folktales and mythology.

Here are some of my favorites:


Claw Bangle Feather

Mask Bracelet


Snake Leaf Earrings

Tiny Claw Earring


Mask Necklace

Tiny Raven Necklace


Bat Ring

Claw Ring Single

Raven Ring

Tiny Raven Ring

Twig Diamond Ring


Madonna Leaf Tiara

Pearl Dagger Headpiece

Snake Leaf Headpiece

To see the whole collection, go to Maria Nilsdotter's web site:


  1. I really love the mask bracelet and the mask necklace a whole lot Miss Meadows. All of these pieces are awesome, I love how they project a kind of gothic vibe while being elegant and beautiful it really is a great range. The little headpieces are so cute in a dark way, I'd so buy my girlfriend a headpiece... if I had a girlfriend currently haha.

  2. That jewelry looks really gorgeous. Esp love the bracelets <3



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