Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon

Here we go again! It's time for nights of realistic dreams, insomnia, and profuse hair growth. Full moon...


The full moon music I'll give you this month is a lovely love song - The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood! Should be listened to in the the company of darkness...


  1. I'm quite the passive listener of the occasional Frankie Goes To Hollywood song yet I've never heard this before although I think I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to be able to forget about the full moon today, especially when I lie back in bed and it's shining in my face haha.

    I spoke too soon and just remembered that I've heard a version of this in the new John Lewis advertisement and in the past, absolutely beautiful.

  2. What a lovely vision of the moon! :)) I wish the moon really did a lady drawn on the edge of it... it's much more romantic than the idea of a man made of cheese. lol ;)

  3. I was there...watching the moon, I thought of you as well and knew you'd be watching it too!! It shone through my living room window amazingly, I was distracted for ages :)) Love this time of year because it moves so close and I can see it so well. I hope you enjoyed it :)) Have a wonderful day doll <3

  4. Haha..I wouldn't get out of bed to eat the cookie either, even if I get messy ;) And I agree, un-made beds are more inviting than made ones :) Sorry you didn't get to see the moon, it was clear for me here, we haven't gotten snow yet, just some frost. A winter wonderland for you early ;) You snow bunny you ;) xoxox


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